Thursday, March 25, 2010

Derrick Martin Wins Right To Bring His Boyfriend to the Prom But His Parents Spoil the Victory!

Derrick Martin an 18 year old senior at Bleckley County High School in Cochran Georgia has won approval to bring his boyfriend to the school prom.  Something worth celebrating right?  Well, not so fast.  Apparently his parents embarrassed by the publicity and the  "SIN"  of their sons homosexuality have now thrown young Derrick Martin out of their house.

Supporters have rallied around Derrick, and are offering to help pay for everything from boutonnieres to a stretch limo for Derrick and his boyfriend, but so far there has been no word on anyone helping him find a new place to live, although he is temporarily staying with a friend.

Derrick says he first sought permission in January to bring his date to the April 17 dance at the school. Bleckley High requires approval in advance for bringing a prom date from outside the county.  Since there is no official school policy covering the subject of same-sex dates.  Principal Michelle Masters approved the request. 

You might remember a similar request by a female student in Mississippi to bring her girlfriend to the senior dance led to the prom at her school being cancelled. 

That's not the case here though, Derrick's School Actually Did Right by Him.  It Was His Parents and their Religion that Let Him down!

Agnostic Thinking...

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  1. Actual statement by Parents in Georgianese.

    Bless your heart son; we love you and we would like to give you some time away from home to reflect on your life and that of Jesus; we know you understand".

    You pervert; how could you you bring such shame and dis-honor to our good family name. You will change your ways or you will have nothing to with this family ever again. How dare you?

    My southern heritage is shameful at times and this is just another one of those incidents to add to that list.

  2. What kind of parents can look at two choices: Here is my son, my flesh and blood whom I have raised. He looks to be an intelligent normal kid. Whom I should love and embrace. And my other choice is to adhere to the hatefull dogma perpetuated by hatefull, vile, subhuman scumbags from churches who are filled with kiddie diddlers, and most of them are what they preach against (Gay). And you decide to abide by the hatefull rhetoric spat out of the vile mouths of those bastards and cast out your own son?????? How do you reconcile this with any sense of family??

    The only comforting factor is that because of the notoritery of this case, one can be guaranteed that Derrick will not wind up on the streets peddling his cock for money to live by. And while none of them will admit it, his "parents" will be looked on as the vile beings that they really are.

    Is this the "traditional family values" the rightwing bands about as the example we should live by?

  3. This makes me so angry!

    I read on another blog that he was an honour student, and also had a full scholarship to university in fall, He is after all a senior. So he will have a place to stay in the fall….

    But we all can remember when we were 18, and even the best students fall after tragedy or even just the end of high school, and then end up doing horribly their first year in university. so hopefully, his friends and relatives who still love him and keep reminding him that they love him. I hope he gets through this.

  4. I just wanted to respond to Jason’s comment but don’t want it to seem like a rebuttal. I wanted to make it clear that the response is rather universal and can be said in any number of ways.

    In all honesty coming from the North I can say that parents there are just as ignorant. They just don’t tend to begin every admonition with “Bless Your Heart”! And were you from my neighborhood you would definitely have gotten the full name of Jesus as in.

    “JESUS H. CHRIST!, No fu*kin way is my fu*kin son - fu*kin gonna be a fu*kin faggot! NO FU*KIN WAY! Jesus, Mary and Fu*kin Joseph, what the fu*k are you fuc*kin thinking? I’ll fu*kin kill you before I’ll fu*kin let you be a fu*kin co*ksucker. No fu*kin son of mine is a fu*kin queer! It’s a Fu*kin Sin! We fu*kin sent you to fu*kin Catechism and you had your fu*kin First fu*kin Holy fu*kin Communion! There ain’t no fu*kin way you’re gonna fu*kin stand there in the fu*kin eyes of fu*kin GOD and say you’re a fu*kin faggot! You fu*kin have any fu*kin idea what this is fu*kin gonna fu*kin do to your fu*kin grandmother when she fu*kin finds out????

    You ain’t our fu*kin son if you fu*kin think you gonna be a fu*kin pole smoker.. You’re fu*kin Killin me here! You just fu*kin wait til your fu*kin father gets home from work. He is fu*kin gonna fu*kin KILL YOU!”

    Of course it just goes on and on, there will be threats to call the priest a doctor and so on...

  5. I forgot to mention that...

    “You’re fu*kin uncle, my brother is a fu*kin priest, and your fu*kin aunt, your father’s fu*kin sister is a fu*kin nun so there ain’t no fu*kin way in hell that you’re a Fu*kin Homo!!!!!”

    Then there is the fact that the mother was on mandatory bed rest for her entire pregnancy with the ungrateful little Queer, and now she figures it may have been better had she lost the baby. “God strike me dead for saying such a thing.”

    The suffering a gay child causes is incredible. It really cuts across all cultural and religious lines.

    If you’re Cuban you can blame it on being in exile in America.

    If you’re Jewish you can be reminded that your Grandmother Sadie did not survive Auschwitz so that you could be a fagelah.

    Now, do you think Derek Martin’s tale has anything to do with Ricky Martin coming out?

    And to think that Barbara Walters feels somewhat responsible for ruining his career for asking him about his sexuality in a 2000 interview?

    Don’t be so full of yourself Baabaa, everyone has always known Lil Ricky is a little light in the loafers. The thing is that waiting all these years to come out only alienated what could have been a strong gay following. He’s too old for us

  6. I know but you guys but I think Derek's kind of cute.