Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bill Maher Does Buddhism!

In Friday night's edition of  "New Rules".  Bill Maher covers a host of topics as usual, but my favorites was when he discusses Tiger Woods Buddhist Faith. The last few minutes of this video are the best, check it out...

Update 4/1/2010: HBO has apparently decided to remove some of my favorite Bill Maher videos from YouTube.  This doesn't seem to be an April fools joke either.  I fully recognize that it's HBO's right to do so, but it's still very regrettable.  So I guess I'll just have to quote bill Maher, instead...

"Now usually, when famous cheaters are looking for public redemption, they go to Jesus, but Tiger went old school, and claimed that sleeping with 2/3 of the waitresses in America had made him a failure as a Buddhist. He said Buddhism teaches you the way to inner peace is letting go of desire - and if that doesn't sound like marriage, I don't know what does.

Personally, if I was a golfer, I'd go with Jesus - because he's a Trinity, so when you walk with him, you've got a foursome. Christianity is for rubes. Buddhism is for actors.

And it really is outdated in some ways - the "Life sucks, and then you die" philosophy was useful when Buddha came up with it around 500 B.C., because back then life pretty much sucked, and then you died - but now we have medicine, and plenty of food, and iPhones, and James Cameron movies - our life isn't all about suffering anymore. And when we do suffer, instead of accepting it we try to alleviate it.

Tiger said, "Buddhism teaches that a craving for things outside ourselves" makes us unhappy, which confirms something I've long suspected about Eastern religions: they're a crock, too.

Craving for things outside ourselves is what makes life life - I don't want to learn to not want, that's what people in prison have to do. Buddhism teaches suffering is inevitable. The only thing that's inevitable is that if you have fake boobs and hair extensions, Tiger Woods will try to fuck you.

And reincarnation? Really? If that were real, wouldn't there be some proof by now? A raccoon spelling out in acorns, "My name is Herb Zoller and I'm an accountant." ...something?

People are always debating, is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy: it's a religion. You're a religion if you do something as weird as when the Buddhist monks scrutinize two-year-olds to find the reincarnation of the dude who just died, and then choose one of the toddlers as the sacred Lama: "His poop is royal!" Sorry, but thinking you can look at a babbling, barely-housebroken, uneducated being and say, "That's our leader" doesn't make you enlightened. It makes you a Sarah Palin supporter."

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  1. Eddie, Bill, I can only add AMEN!

  2. Guys, ignorance isn't becoming on agnostics.

    He has clearly no understanding of what Buddhists mean by suffering. For one thing, he goes on about iphones, plenty of food, etc. Ignoring, of course, that much of the world isn't getting enough to eat, that our material goods can often cause suffering in others, on the planet, etc.

    And even if you ignore that, you can't ignore the big suffering - DEATH. We all know that we're gonna die, and no amount of iphones or dope or sex is going to change that.