Monday, August 16, 2010

President Obama Supports the Mosque at Ground Zero - and Calls It a Freedom of Religion Issue!

AP – President Barack Obama stops to
answer a reporter's question about his position
on the mosque at ground zero.
Pretty safe position right?

Don't most of us support freedom of religion?

Most Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists support this basic American Freedom. 

Hell, Even Agnostic/Atheists like Me Support Freedom of Religion, provided that,  "Freedom"  includes the right to practice it and/or be Free of It!  In fact, most clearheaded progressive thinking people support this "Constitutional Principle" with the possible exception of religious fanatics.

You know - like, Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist Extremists, and Muslim Fundamentalist Jihadists. (Two groups that have more in common than either side would ever like to admit.)

While 60% of Americans polled agree that Muslims have a right to build a mosque anywhere they want, a whopping 70% of Americans are against the notion that it's okay to build a Mosque adjacent to the World Trade Center Catastrophe.  Especially when the Funding and the Motive for said mosque are in question.  Questions that the mosque builders have repeatedly evaded.

Given that Muslims have had a history and long-established tradition of building mosques on or near the sites of so-called Jihad Victories, I think America's skepticism, in this case, may be justified.

Even the architecture of the proposed mosque has been called into question.  Apparently, a mirrored front will be angled in such a way as to cast its reflection onto the site of the World Trade Center Memorial. That does make their motive sound suspicious, doesn't it?

While anyone certainly has the right to build a Mosque, Church, Synagogue, or Temple where ever zoning permits.  The timing and choice of location, in this instance, does seem a bit insensitive.  Either way, though.  I don't personally much care where or if they build their mosque.

I am however very concerned about the political implications of Obama weighing in on this issue.  As an Obama supporter, I wish he would have just left it alone.  He has nothing to gain by this, and in this heated political climate, much to lose.
I can't help but think,  Our President made a fatal error, both politically and emotionally, when he recently spoke in support of this mosque.  Make no mistake about it, despite his recent back pedaling, the president's speech on Friday was a definite endorsement, an  enthusiastic endorsement  at that.  If you don't believe me, I suggest you  read the text

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