Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Defense of the Catholic Church!

I've received some criticism recently, because some of you think I have been "Dumping" too much on the Catholic Church.  So in an effort to be  "Fair and Balanced"  (à la Fox News style)  I thought I would post this YouTube video I found in defense of the Catholic Church.

Now I realize the video runs a little bit longer (about eight minutes) than some of you might like.  But it's worth watching all the way through, the man makes some excellent points so give him a chance and hear him out.

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  1. "i don't know what to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! speechless."

  2. That is just amazing. I sat here listening to it with my mouth wide open. Couldn't believe what I was hearing. Wow. He should do P R for The Church.

  3. Do you really think it's all about butt sex? I'm just kinda curious given that the average priest is kinda middle-aged and with all them commercials they have on the TV for that erectile dysfunction and considering the many disappointments I've faced when I meet men that age. I have a feeling there's probably a lot of masturbation and oral play going on.

    Here's the deal, if the priests are pokin these boys it is proof positive that they are not gay, they are just perverts cause if these priests are gay and really willing to top then they would have no shortage of hungry bottoms with robe and clergy fetishes willing to please them, maybe not quite as young but at least legal.

  4. The video makes some good points and I must agree with his position. They didn't violate the commandments so they're still good in my book. And since the bible is obviously 100% accurate on everything (because it is the word of Santa after all), we can all sleep well on Sabbath after having a good raping session with our neighbors' children, guilt free!

  5. I think all this BS about them preests diddlin these young boys is some kinda conspeeracy from them Prodissons just being all anti Kathlick and tryin to stir up shit.

    First of all, them preests have take Bowels of Selabitsy where they make holy pack with the Lord that they won't have no sex. If you watch Wheel of Fortune then you know that they don't just give them Bowels away, Vanna don't go turnin round no Bowels unless you pay for it so them Bowels are a very importan thing. Same with them Kathlick preests, just think about it. if that preest makes a pack with Jesus that he ain't gonna have sex with womens then it don't make no sense that he would be layin down with no boys. That's just stupid. And even if the Devil did get a hold on him and he have a moment of weakness at least that boy is Kathlick too, it ain't like he's diddlin with no Prodisson boy, that would be mixxin races and religguns and even Kathlicks know that is WRONG!

    I ain't Kathlick myself but some of my friends is Kathlick and my Avon lady is Kathlick I think cause she wears one of them crosses round her neck, the kind that has the Jesus all sprawled out on it and we Baptists don't wear that kinda cross, our cross is just simple, we don't go for all that cross contamination. But, my Avon lady is a real nice lady and she sometimes gives me extra of them little lipstick samples to give to the kids for playin dressup. I even carry one in my purse cause sometimes my lips get chapped when I get to speakin in tongues at the revival meetings.

    My Jesus says that we supposed to love everybody so I can't be hatin the Kathlick to want to give them a bad name. I don't know if he meant we need to love the men that fuss with one 'nother "back there" in the back door but there's some things I just don't believe really happen anyway. I don't think that men do that kinda thing to each other in the first place. When I was pregnunt with my sixth baby I had me a hemmaroy and i can tell you that God didn't mean for no folks to go messin round "back there." That hemmaroy was worst than givin birth.

    I'm jess sayin.