Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another Homophobic Pastor Bites the Dust!

Four young men have accused evangelical pastor Eddie Long of coercing them into homosexual relationships.

Long is facing allegations that he sexually abused the four men who received his mentorship as a "spiritual daddy."  They allege that Long encouraged them to join the church's elite youth group, so he could groom them for sex; in exchange, Long gave them money, new cars, housing and took them on exotic sexual rendezvous's.
There is an irony to the sexual allegations by the four men. Since Long, like many conservative black preachers, has routinely and repeatedly openly condemned homosexuality.

He holds "sexual reorientation" conferences, which are aimed at "curing" gay men and lesbians. A 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine called him "one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement."

As I've always said, show me a homophobe and I'll show you a latent homosexual.

BTW - did you notice the jewelry and the ostentatious gold watch?
The good pastor, you see, preaches the "Gospel of Prosperity" a philosophy that says, follow God's word and wealth and riches will follow. Great wealth is surely a sign of God's love. - So I guess that means "the invisible man in the sky" God,  must hate the poor.

Pastor Long himself drives a $350,000 Bentley, bought a $1.1 million home in 2005 and tends to favor gold necklaces and Rolex watches.  - I'm sure the Lord is very pleased.

Did you happen to notice in the video above, that he never actually denies the charges.  True, a denial may have been vaguely implied.  But at no point did he actually come out and say it never happened.  Perhaps that was also on the advice of his attorneys.

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  1. so I'm 90% sure that most of the most avid homophobes are secretly gay.

  2. With our nation's economy in the dumpster and our deficit through the roof it's time we ended the tax exempt status for all of these phony baloney religions.

    Just think about all the income and real estate tax we sacrifice to these F*cking Charlatans!

    Between the Catholics and Jews alone we could probably pay off the god damn deficit!

  3. The Abuelita Has Spoken!

    Grumpy Grandma Is Fabulous!!

  4. how on earth did such a flamboyantly attired asshole even pass as straight? did no one check the attire and the bling?! he looks like he was styled by fucking liberace...as for taxing organized religion...for me, it's yes and no. some gruops do a great deal of good, such as housing, feeding, and educating the homeless, the vulnerable, and the ill. if what they do is serve a a decent purpose (without demanding forfeiture of their own culture, etc.) well i would say no. but office buildings, huge salaries, and profit reaping businesses...hell, yeah!