Saturday, July 11, 2009


Religulous, Now on DVD - Think about the word Religion and it's synonym Ridiculous and you'll completely understand why I really liked this movie!

Written by and Starring the ever controversial and outspoken comedian Bill Maher and Directed by Larry Charles of "Borat" fame, Religulous takes us 'round the world exposing the absurdities, peculiarities and ridiculous foolishness that is organized religion.

Now granted, some of these are really easy targets, like the Creationist Museum in Hebron Kentucky where they believe and teach that the earth is only about 5,000 years old and that man actually coexisted with dinosaurs.

He also shows us a scene from a 2008 Republican Presidential Debate where a majority of the panel expresses a belief in Creationism. (Yeah just what I want, one of those guys with their finger on the button.)

Maher further skewers the absurd ludicrousness of Scientology and the equally ludicrous and racist teachings of the Mormons. Yes, easy targets all, but he also goes on to expose the superstitious underbelly of mainstream religions as well. Including but not limited to, Catholics, Muslims and Jews.

As an Atheist, I naturally found all of this to be very gratifying but at the same time, somehow sadly insufficient. That was until the closing monologue where Bill Maher explains why religion is not only holding us back but actually endangering the future of all mankind and the planet we live on. It's at this point where the movie becomes more than just a clever, witty and satirical expose but rather a meaningful documentary with serious food for thought.

The DVD with it's extra features, additional monologues, deleted scenes and commentaries continues this enlightening theme. It turns what was an acceptably good theater going experience into a masterpiece at home.

3 and 1/2 stars for the movie as seen in theaters.

5 Awesome Stars for the Complete DVD. By all means rent it or perhaps even buy it. This is a film you can watch repeatedly and still discover something new each time.

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  1. That was a very funny movie...
    But honestly, I wasn't happy about how closely it resembled Ben Stein's "Expelled." They both just seemed like propaganda on opposite sides of the spectrum. Funny nonetheless though :)

  2. Callif, you're remarkable. I just love your comments. And; of course, once again, you're absolutely right. As much as I enjoy laughing at certain religious nut cases, there's lots of propaganda here and exploitation of easy targets.

    Which is why I made a distinction between the theater version and the entire DVD.

    Some of the best parts of this film were left on the cutting room floor. No surprise though, since when it comes to mass-market appeal, comedy always trumps thoughtful intellectual insight.

  3. I added the dvd to my netflix list. I find it easier to have faith and believe in a higher being to be safe than to not belive and risk burning in hell.

    Because if we walk through this life and we don't believe....What will happen if God exixts and the end comes..........Then we are fucked.

  4. So, since when is getting f*cked such a bad thing?

  5. I have yet to see this movie, but i've wanted to. Now that I know it's on dvd i'll look for it at blockbuster.

  6. eddie adores it when someone he admires agrees with him. oh, come on, you know you do, you egocentric guy, you. we saw the movie together, and maher cracks me up. he is a little heavy-handed, but he's a comedian, even when he's being sincere, after all. antway, the movie was fun and occasionally thought provoking which is nice little package for $7.50.