Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Baptist Minister Bites the Dust, As "Escort-Encounters" Begin to Multiply!

By now, I'm sure you're familiar with the story of the Reverend George Alan Rekers. 

The Fundamentalist Baptist Minister and Co-founder of the Family Research Council. 

The Anti-Gay Activist and Homophobic Hypocrite, Dr. Rekers.  The man who claims he can "Cure" Gay Men of Their "Cock Craving Deviant Ways" and Teach Them to Love Both Jesus and The Vagina Too!

Yes the same man who was caught coming home from Europe with a young male escort from  RentBoy.Com  -  a website that is as Blatantly Gay as the Reverend Rekers, "Shakespearean Style Protests" and "Gay Paranoia" suggests he himself to be.

I've actually been wanting to comment on this story for almost a week now, but needless to say when I hear stories like this, I - Aye, Yai, Yai, - yai, yai - I  get so frustrated and infuriated that I literally, and figuratively and with every appropriate pun intended  "Just Can't Think Straight".

But fortunately, Rachel Maddow can.  Check out the video from her show.  She does this so well...

In the meantime, a 41-year-old man named  Chaz  has come forward to acknowledge a similar "Escort- Encounter" with the good Reverend.  While he does not divulge full details as to time and place.  It apparently happened several years ago, back when Chaz was in his early 20's.

Chaz has posted to his blog a picture of how he looked back then, alongside the current photo of the now infamous RentBoy, Lucien.  And as Chaz himself points out, they do indeed appear to be similar types.

Something tells me that this new Chaz revelation is just the beginning of many to come.

When I encounter stories like this.  I inevitably find myself engaging in my own little form of prayer. 

Yes I Said Prayer! I call it "My Agnostic Prayer", and depending on the circumstances.  It tends to go something like this...

Dear God, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are, if ever you are or were - I beseech thee...

Please,  Please - Save Me from Your Followers!

Agnostic Thinking...

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  1. Eddie, I'm sure you're right, Chaz and Lucien are just the first of many rentboys who will be coming out of the closet's woodwork to attest to this disgraceful hypocrisy. These next few weeks should be a lot of fun. lol

  2. I realize this does seem kind of ludicrous and absurdly funny but the truth is this is no laughing matter. The so-called "Family Research Council" is one of the more powerful of the anti-gay groups. They bottom feed on the worst aspects of the anti-gay crowd – and that includes many members of Congress who are fearful of crossing the Family Research Council.

    Tony Robins is the man you see in front of the cameras from the FRC – the pretty face who "hates" gays. Is it possible he did not know aobut this guy? I think not.

    This isn't funny to me – it is outrageous!

  3. You'd think by now that everyone would know, the people who yell the loudest about being anti-gay are either themselves gay, and feel some need to hide it, or they are afraid they are gay and hope that their yelling will convince themselves they're straight.

    I wonder why people follow the whackjobs who clothe all their yelling in religious terms. They are the most transparent of all!

    At this point, my rule of thumb is that the louder someone shouts how EVIL gays are, the gayer he or she must be.

  4. I agree with Herb, the louder they yell the gayer they are and the aforementioned politician Tony Perkins, Not Robbins is a good case in point. Why does he care so much about what gay people do anyway? He's obviously just another queen in denial. The type of guy that once behind closed doors, insists his wife, girlfriend or mistress strap on a dildo.

  5. OK, speaking as a Sex Worker (Man Whore) I have to say that while I one one hand find stories of this type rather titillating I also am always a bit discouraged at the same time.
    I know countless male sex workers that are professional and discreet, they are empathetic escorts, not simply heartless hustlers looking for a fast buck at the expense of a client's reputation.
    At the same time though I realize it would be very tempting if some tabloid came around offering me gobs of money to spill my guts.

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